Saturday, 31 December 2011


To anyone who has recieved a spam email from me in the last day or so I am sorry. I have no idea where it came from, when it got in or whether my efforts have been successful in removing it. If you continue to get spam messages can you let me know please - I may have to close the email account.

Happy new year

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  1. Spam,spam,spam,spam ...
    Spam,spam,spam,spam ...
    Lovely Spam!!

    Sorry geezer couldn't resist the obvious. I did get one e-mail as it goes but I didn't open it. I did however open another from another birder about a week prior (sent via Marcus Lawson) so perhaps the thing is doing the rounds of the on-line birding personnel? It's not caused any hassle as far as I'm aware so don't worry. It does however make me wonder quite how these things come about? I had a similar problem a few months back didn't I? Tatty bye mate ... get some good clicking in wont you.