Saturday, 24 June 2017

Kestrels part 2

The first post on the local kestrels covered 3 day; this post covers the next 2 days.

Day 4 was exactly as day 3 in that 2 of the young had left the nest hole and were sitting on the cliff top and 2 were still in the hole.
Day 5 (today) there had been a small change in that a third youngster had left the nest hole, I assume this morning, and was scrambling/flapping it's way up the cliff face. Progress was slow but by the time I left it was only around 6 feet from the cliff top.

Flapping it's way up the cliff fase.

The youngster in the hole seems totally lacking in any desire to leave the nest and just sat there for the hour I was there. It didn't even have any practice flaps.

Mr lazy

One youngster was on the cliff top and the adult male brought it a meal whilst I was there.

The final youngster was quite low on the cliff - where the grassed slope meets the chalk - and sat there quietly until the adult male came back when it begged for food but was ignored.

So still good news.

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