Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Golf is now over though the clear up continues and looks likely to take several weeks. So although you can now get to the Obs and the surrounding area you still face the problem of getting round parked lorries everywhere.
Since high tide was ~ 3.00 pm I took the opportunity of going to Backsand arriving at 12.50. Water levels continue to drop (despite the rain) and several  islands are now showing.
On arrival there were 5 green sandpipers, 8 green shank and one little ringed plover in residence but these were supplemented by another 4 greenshank and 8 redshank as the tide came up. I had seen common sandpipers on the river bank but none showed up at the scrape whilst I was there.
To start everything was pretty distant ( for Backsand) but eventually both greenshank and green sandpiper came close to the hide. The redshank just put the heads under their wings and didn’t move.
Green Sandpiper

The LRP was active most of the time but never came close.
Little Ringed Plover
There were a few ducks around – mallard, tufted mainly but a female wigeon dropped in close to the hide and a juvenile shelduck put in an appearance.

Juvenile Shelduck
So nothing spectacular but it was nice to get out after the wind rain and golf.

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  1. Overdue a visit to SBBO must sort out soon. Nice photos again Steve