Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Grove again

It was Grove or Dungeness and since I couldn't be bothered to drive all the way to Dunge Grove it was.
Today was very much like Monday but there were a few exceptions. Today I didn't find a green sand anywhere though 3 greenshank were on Harrison's as was a little ringed plover. Later on Marc Heath had a woodsand on there but I couldn';t be bothered to walk back.
5 little egrets from the ramp today plus another 2 from the marsh hide.
The gropper was in the bush along Harrison's but not showing well - in fact hardly showing at all. I only really saw it once in the hour I was there..........not very rewarding really.
No sign of the night herons today though a couple of sleeping juvvy cormorants had me going for a while.
I saw a bittern again from Marsh hide today. It came out of the ditch that runs past the hide about 30-40 yrds to the left, flew more or less along the dyke towards the river until I lost sight of it behind the bushes. It didn't seem to land nearby so no repeat performance from the marsh harriers though they did show some interest in it at first.
Due to the strong wiond everything was keeping it's head down so no pictures. Took some of bumble bees because no dragonflies around but they are a bugger to id.

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