Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Backsand is getting very dry

Today I went down to Backsand again for the high tide (also went down yesterday). Again things were a little disappointing.
At high tide the bird population was similar to yesterday in that there was only really red and greenshanks present(33 and 9 respectively), the only small waders being 2 green sandpipers and a solitary common sand. 7 little grebes in residence but ducks were conspicuous by their absence – just 2 mallard and a teal.
The real reason for this post is really only to warn people that the camera fest one normally enjoys when down at Backsand is unlikely to happen. Today only a lone greenshank walked in front of the hide (yesterday it was a lone green sand).
The reason for this is the water levels - they are very low (as they are at Restharrow) and the birds either don’t want to or don’t need to come close to the photographic hide – the water is so shallow the greenshank can, more or less, walk (and feed) where ever they want.
 Here are a couple of images that illustrate the problem.

The view from the camera hide

The channel in front of the hide is still full of water but the birds are staying away – this includes the little grebe.

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  1. I hpoe it starts raining thete again,,,it seems a very nice place for birwatching!
    Saludos camperos.