Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Today I will be mainly seeing Crossbills

It was cold but still when we went out this morning (~ 7.30) and the pattern was similar to the last few weeks – crossbills (186), siskins(300), goldfinch and redpolls(160). Some of the siskins and redpolls landed in the Elms/Middle field/ Whitehouse before moving on but never came down from the tree tops to have the photo taken.
This year’s migration has been the best ever at the Obs for crossbills (~800 recorded at Sandwich since the 1st Oct) and today’s total is the highest ever recorded in a single day.
There have been a steady stream of photographers trying to emulate the stunning achievements of Steve Raynaert but to my knowledge they haven’t landed again in the Ems – and if they have I certainly haven’t seen them. For those who haven't seen Steve’s crossbills pictures take a look at:
In the afternoon I decided on a walk along the beach to the Hundred Acre Field. The beach was devoid of dog walkers but it was also pretty devoid of birds too. There were a few skylarks and mippits, dunnocks, a lone reed bunting and 3 stonechats (opposite Prince’s Club house) - quite a rarity in the area after the last few winters.

There is quite a flock of starlings building along the beech, I estimated 300 but theirs calls tend to drwon out anythoing else that may be around.
KWT have put up a bright new sign asking people to keep away from the beach up towards the point – though I doubt whether anyone will take any notice; they didn’t bother to heed the last one.


  1. All those Crossbills, you'd think one would drift my way! :-)

  2. Good luck...and the sign better than nothing!
    Nice day!

  3. Just looked at Steve R's photo - fantastic. We are very lucky to see so many of these lovely birds. I was chatting to a bloke who watches at Samphire Hoe and they've not been getting any there which just goes to show how we should try and appreciate these splendid little birds. I'd be pulling my hair our if I was missing them at Pegwell.