Thursday, 26 May 2011

Antigua - Day 5

Monday  16th
Morning started at Devil’s point but it was much the same as before though this time I did actually do some counts - 4 brown boobies, 42 Sooty terns, ~12 “white” terns, 8 least terns and 6 Roseate terns.
After breakfast it was back to St Johns with the shops being open. For Angie the highlight was the shops but for me it was the herons in the ditch. This is the ditch:
Tanner Street Ditch

It was actually an open drain from a pond at the top of the hill with water coming in at various points (including from a car wash). The pictures shows the ditch from the bottom and widest point. It then flowed into the harbour though some rocks and vegetation.(There is actually a snowy egret in the picture but it's too small to see clearly)
And here are some of the herons:
Green Heron

Tricoloured Heron

After St Johns we went back to McKinnons Ponds. We saw all the common stuff (Sandwich terns, least terns, pelicans, frigate birds, white faced pintail) another willet, some black necked stilts (I think I have forgotten to mentin them before but we saw them on just about every wetland we visited), and a distant little blue heron but wader numbers were down from our first visit.
Black-necked Stilt


Least Tern

Frigate Bird

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