Saturday, 28 May 2011

Antigua Days 6 & 7

Tuesday 17th

Only had a pre-breakfast session today. I went to Parham again and I saw (but failed to photograph) a reasonably close great blue heron and I found a juvenile little blue heron close to the road. Also at Parham I saw several black necked stilt, 2 Wilson’s plovers and a lesser yellow legs. I managed to get some pictures of the latter but I got a lot better ones later in the week.
We spent the afternoon on the beach so I checked out the beach pool and found the spotted sandpiper showing very well:
Spotted Sandpiper

Wednesday 18th.
Went to Devil’s Bridge before breakfast and saw 28 sooty terns (started counting properly!) managing some decent images, 2 roseate terns and 1 least tern plus the resident semi-palmated plovers.
Sooty Tern

On the drive back to the hotel an Antillean crested hummingbird sat a posed for the camera – the crest showing different colours depending on how the light catches  it. These were seen at regular intervals during the holiday  though they were hardly what I would call common.
Antillean Crested Hummingbird

Back in the hotel grounds a black whiskered vireo likewise posed well.
Black-whiskered Vireo

We did go out to Wallings reservoir hoping for quail doves and thrashers but saw nothing of note. This was undoubtedly the biggest let down of all the places we visited (bird-wise) though whether this was down to the me, the time of the day (late morning) or whether the place had deteriorated I have no idea.
After we visited Jolly Beach/Jolly Harbour (because we stayed there 25 years ago). The ponds around Jolly beach contained very little though at Darkwood a juvenile yellow crowned night heron was seen.
Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron
 Jolly beach itself was a disappointment but we had a nice lunch at Jolly Harbour and a green-thoated carib posed nicely for the camera. 
Green-throated Carib

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