Friday, 5 August 2011

Backsand Again

Day started wander around the estate with willow warblers and lesser whitethroats showing well (See SBBO report) and the wood sandpiper and LRPs still in residence on Restharrow scrape.
In the afternoon I went down to Backsand hoping that some of the bird Phil saw yesterday at Pegwell may have spilled over onto Backsand (namely the curlew sandpipers  and little stints).
Needless to say it didn’t happen and today was very much like the previous few visits - common sands (5), green sands (8), wood sand (2), greenshank (14), redshank (1), little egret(2).  Juvenile shelduck were more numerous than previously (5 plus 1 adult) and a family group of 4 kestrels were around for the first part of the afternoon. The young tufted ducks were still there but I didn’t see an adult all afternoon.

Tufted Ducklet

Slowly but surely most things came past the hide and late on in Tony Morris came in it. We had a good chat (which made a welcome change after Steve’s toe nail) and continued to photograph any and everything that came close.

Little Egret

I had packed the camera and was having one last scan when 5 little ringed plovers dropped in. I thought they were all juveniles but looking at my pictures one or two appear to be adults. Whatever, they made a welcome changed and looked fantastic in the afternoon light.
Little Ringed Plover

Little Ringed Plover


  1. Not a bad update though I must admit at being thoroughly disgusted by the fact that we had so little information on Steve's old ingrowing toenail. There's more to birding than birds sonny Jim so more toenails and less birds in future I say. Is it true that he in fact got the riveting toenail condition when you 'accidentally' dropped your camera on his foot? Hip hip hooray etc ..

  2. Nice Ducklet! I wish I'd known of your interest in feet, I could have told you all about my deformed toe that I dislocated playing rugby in 1960!