Monday, 22 August 2011

Backsand News

Although the tide was completely wrong I decided to walk down to Backsand after walking the estate (see SBBO report and MW for Restharrow) as no one seems to have been down there since my last visit (or at least nothing has been reported). I needn’t have bothered.
My counts were 10 green sands, 2 common sands, 4 greenshank and a lone redshank. The normal complement of mallard, teal, wigeon and juvenile tufties were also present though the latter seem to have been reduced to 2 now. The light was alos very poor making photography a bit of a challenge.
Green Sandpiper

3 little egrets were also present one of which generated a little interest in that it appears to have a growth on its lower mandible.
Little Egret with growth

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