Saturday, 18 February 2012

Snow Bunting on Deal Prom

I didn’t have much time today so I decided I’d have an hour on Deal pier. I was quite hopeful due to the reports of some movement off Dungeness during the last few days but it wasn’t to be and what little was about was miles out.
I had about 50 gannets going north with a dozen or so coming south – the southerly birds being a bit closer thankfully.
 There were 5 gt crested grebes just sitting around and I noted 10 divers (red throats I assume) all moving north.
The only ducks I saw were 2 teal – again going north and there was a kittiwake hanging around the pier.

When my time was up I walked north past the Royal Hotel to check out the gulls on the beach before going to the florists (loving husband that I am) but the gulls were forgotten as I heard a snow bunting. Frantically scanning around eventually I found it on the prom just north of the Royal.
I grabbed a couple of shots but couldn’t get closer because there were promenaders  and dog walkers everywhere.

Snow Bunting
Due tothe disturbance the bunting flew up and down a couple of times then it gave up and flew off over the sea towards the pier and that was that.(Other than getting the flowers).

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