Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Flocking Linnets

Today I started in the Elms at Sandwich where chiff numbers had increased a little and a willow warbler was heard.

As it brightened up I went off to Langdon hoping for some peregrine shots.  I saw the peregrines they didn't come close enough for the camera however the reason for this post was to show you the linnets that were on the cliff top fields.
The first flock I saw was around 250 strong and I put them up and they disappeared before I could get the camera out. As I continued towards the cliffs another flock (about half the size of the first) dropped in for a few moments then they flew off as I approached. I managed some photographs of this second flock which also allowed me to do a count – over 120 were captured on the image. As I continued a third flock of around 30 birds went past.
A small,part of the second flock

Part of the second flock
I’ve not been watching birds that long but these were by far the largest accumulation of linnets I have seen and thought someone out there in electron land may be interested.


  1. Should checking through for Serins, Steve.

  2. As Linnets are one of the birds of the open countryside whose population has declined significantly over the past few decades, this is a significant record for East Kent. It would be interesting to know if they are just passing through from the continent to elsewhere, or if they will disperse and breed locally.