Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Paddyfield Warbler at Sandwich?

A very quiet session around the SBBO recording area was suddenly made interesting when a acrocephalus was spotted in the Cellars.
The bird was only in view for a few seconds and I fired off only 3 shots before it disappeared and wasn’t seen again despite us hanging around for a while and me returning later in the day for another hour or so
Whilst I was trying to get some shots both Ian and Andrew from the obs were observing the bird.
The bird was 40 or so yards away so the images are not good but a strong supercillium can be seen extending behind the eye with a darkish eye stripe; the only acro that we know has these features is a Paddyfield Warbler.

The pictures aren't great so I’ll leave you to make up your own mind:
The only other birds of note today were 2 wheatears on the beach, a yellow wag on the beach plus another 4 by Restharrow scrape and a black redstart in the beachside gardens.

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