Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Waiting for Willow warblers - pictures at last

Since my last blog things have been very variable around the SBBO recording area however a few  interesting migrants continue to turn up.
So far this week we have enjoyed 3 tree pipits over the golf course, 3 arctic skuas off shore,  black redstart, whinchat and wheatear along the beach/Dickson’s Corner and the odd flock of warblers. The warblers have been very patchy in the recording area with the Obs garden being one of the more consistently productive areas. Today was no different with willow, reed and chiffchaff all being present so after walking the circuit and watching the warblers feed along the fence line whilst drinking a coffee I set up to try and get some pictures.
Eventually one came out into the open. It hopped along the fence top then sat in full view for several minutes, looking around, having a stretch and even appearing to sun itself.
I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Just as he hopped into view

"I feel all dizzy when I look at you look this"

"That sun feels so nice".........(He sat like this for a minute or so)

Now what's that down there? (He moved off after this)
.........well I would do if I could upload some pictures!!!!!

AT LAST: I was just about to write a small post saying this is the end of the blog because I can't upload any pictures and thank you all for taking an interest (a major assumption I know) in what I've seen and photographed during my travels when I thought I'd have one last go. Sods law prevailed and it worked so it looks like you will have to suffer me for at least one more post.....
It has actually taken me 3 days and probably 15 - 20 attempts to upload these pictures. The blog just won't let me upload pictures. When I try the blog says "inappropriate response from server". Well what's that? Is my computer rude to it? Is it using bad language? Has it not filled in the right form? 
ON a serious note it may be the download/upload speeds we are getting in the village are too slow. The rest of the country talks about download speeds in the megabytes. We still suffer kilobytes and some times nothing at all. To illustrate the problem:  last week I tried to download a trial version of Photoshop Lightroom 4 - I hit the download and it said it would take 1 hr 58 minutes to complete the download............I was getting a mind blowing 37kb download speed. Eventually it got there. How's lightroom 4 you ask.........don't know. I failed to check the system requirements and my machine can't run it!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was at work I had a secretary who sorted all these things out; lifes tuff for the retired.

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