Friday, 11 March 2011

The Rifle Range at Kingsdown

A short visit to the old rifle range at Kingsdown did not reveal the hoped for early migrant but the fulmars and a pair of kestrel showed well and allowed me to have a play with the camera.
I first found the female:
Kestrel - female
And a little later she flew along the cliff face not too high up. I took a series of pictures which were a little disappointing given how low she was:
Kestrel - female
Further along was the male:
Kestrel - male
But he flew off as I tried to get a little nearer – the picture shows his departure with the feet and tail being the only part of him in focus.
Kestrel - male
One thing I like about this set of shots is they show the difference in the tail/under-tail markings of the two sexes – something I hadn’t noticed before.
The fulmars are now occupying most of the nest holes with other birds flying up to the holes seemingly just to annoy the occupants.
The only other birds seem were jackdaws and “rock doves”- well they are doves and they are on the rock face!

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