Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mallorca: 8th May 2012 - Cuber

I didn’t go out first thing as all 4 of us were going to Cuber today leaving at 8.00.
We took the scenic route stopping at severalplaces on the way to admire the views which were stunning. We also stopped at Gorg Blau as we spotted several  vultures circling high and distant – only griffon vulture being positively id’d by shape and colouration. In the end we didn’t arrive at Cuber till about 10.00 and the omens were not good because several walking parties (~30 people) were being dropped off as we arrived. We set off on the opposite bank to the walkers and almost immediately we found a stonechat, spotted flycatcher plus a few common finches but the birding was best described as slow.
By the dam I chatted with another birder who had seen a male subalpine warbler so we hung around there for 20 minutes hopeful . Eventually it re-showed so another life tick. The views were poor but good enough to see the orange-red under-parts with a blue grey upper.  No pictures though. Also from the dam there were lots of nightingales and spot flys and a blackcap all in the gully below the dam but little else.
Just after the rest station at the far end of the lake Angie spotted a pair of birds darting out from a bush then returning – they were woodchat shrikes. Again we only had distant views then they disappeared completely.
Woodchat shrikes
As we were wandering round we were watching the sky but all we found was 1 (possibly 2) red kites then 3/4 of the way, round 2 black vultures drifted over very high up.

Black vulture
The only other thing of note is the lake seems to hold a colony of yellow legged gulls. There were about 100 or so on the cliff face and another 50 on the lake.
So no raptors to speak of, not a single hirundine, and no sign of the rock thrush or spectacled warbler that are said to frequent the valley….. not a good day really.
After that we went on to Port de Soller for a very pleasant lunch and lazy afternoon. A superb place to sit and watch the world go by though a long drive from Alcudia.
2 views of Port de Soller from where we ate lunch.

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