Saturday, 2 June 2012

Buzzards at Grigrin

Whilst we see buzzards in East Kent they are still not that common bird (in most areas) and the sighting are normally restricted to seeing them high in the sky as a consequence they are, to me,  as important a part of Grigrin as the kites.
This week there were not a lot around – 5 or 6 perhaps - but normally there was one or two on the grass 30 or so yards or so from the viewing hides and occasionally one would do a fly past. Since they normally fly straight and at constant speed they are easier to get a shot of than the kites. In addition the full range of the colour morphs were on display allowing you to look at the variations at close range.
Dark Morph


Light morph (juvenile)

The light morph was especially striking though the pale eyes means this is a juvenile, another indicator of it's age being the comma on the underwing instead of the carpal patch of the adults. This bird seems to be paricularly pale compared to the illustrations in my Collins.
Raven numbers were also low with only 2 (I think) being present and normally distant this one being the exception.


  1. Interesting blog. I spend a lot of time at Gigrin, 4 or 5 times a year for the past 20 odd years. The most buzzards I have seen on the ground was 27, but that was exceptional. I am due back there in a couple of weeks, I hope the weather improves.

  2. Gigrin is a great place to visit ( as is Wales!) Hopefully Buzards will be as common here soon in a few years - if we keep those pesky pheasant shooters at bay!

  3. Some great shots again Steve, love the different colour variation .

  4. very nice steve hope you got more keys cut lol

  5. Interesting Buzzard write up Steve, with light, dark and intermediate all photographed.

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