Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pied Flycatcher and Whinchats

Today started at the scrape with it raining gently. Not much has changed over the last few days other than the ruff has finally disappeared (south I assume) as have the little grebe chicks, though these seem to have gone down the throat of the heron.
Around 9.00 the rain stopped so I went to the Elms in hope of something good. There was – a spotted flycatcher (I’m easily pleased).  I came across it on a twig with deep shadow behind it giving the images a pleasing look. Several times it flew from the twig hunting but returned allowing me to adjust the camera settings each time – due to the dark backdrop I had to under-expose by minus 2.5-3 stops – I’ve never had to do that before.

After it moved off I did manage to relocate it on the north side of the Elms but I never got close again. It then started to rain seriously so I retired to the Obs for a coffee and a chinwag. It seems the Obs are going to be organising a lot more trips in the future so keep an eye on the website as to where they are going.

Around 3.00 this afternoon the rain stopped so I ventured out again. No sign of the spot fly in the Elms but I found a garden warbler in Middle Field and 7 whinchats along the Ancient highway track. 

Gardeen warbler

Whinchats along the Ancient Highway

Whinchat at Dickson's corner
They then moved into the brambles by Dickson’s Corner but as normal they never let me get closer than 35-40 yards but nice to see. 

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