Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Scrapes again

My birding routine at the  moment is very predictable – start at Restharrow then go down to Backsand if the tide is right. Today was no different.  
At Restharrow there were the normal residents plus a common sandpiper, a redshank but the 5 snipe were new and they had the good grace to feed on the islands nearest the hide.

Not a snipe

3 of the 5 snipe

After a trip to the dentist I arrived at Backsand just after the high tide. No sign of the wood sands today but redshanks numbers were a very respectable 42, greenshanks numbered 19  and there were  4 common  and 3 green sandpiper. Water levels continue to drop and another island has appeared – to the right of the photographic hide, near the reed bed so the birds are getting closer.

Green sandpiper

There were some newcomers today in the form of 2 little grebes and 4 dunlin which I tried to string into curlew sandpipers but the black bellies made that difficult.
This is probably my last Backsand update till next week as we have visitors all weekend.

The only good thing about the current situation is that it’s keeping my petrol bill down and I dont spend hours on the computer going through loads of pictures.

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