Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Death at Backsand

I went back (again) to Backsand today. The hoped was the light would be better for the curlew sands and the birds in general would come closer because the excavation work would not be ongoing (being a w/e). Well as I arrived it was clear they are now working w/es (well at least Saturdays)  so the scrape was  as disturbed as normal.
Soon after I arrived (probably around 8.00 am) 3 curlew sands came in front of the hide for long enough to fire off 5 or 6 shots then they flew to the far side and never returned.

Curlew sandpiper

Also around were 2 little stints and a wood sand. Of the more common stuff there were 4 dunlin, 2 green sands, around 25 redshank and 7 greenshank and 16 little egrets.
Nothing more came close but one of the little stints provided something to watch. One of the stints was there the whole time feeding but a second came in and landed on one of the main islands and just sat there. It didn’t feed nor did it put its head under its wing to have a kip. As I watched it seemed to be choking on something. A few minutes later it tried to stand but fell forwards onto its face, then it flapped a couple of times whilst on its belly. It then tried to get up again but this time it fell onto its back with its feet in the air. I don’t think it had fallen asleep.

Having a flap

Struggling to breath

Doing a Norwegian blue impersonation

It was about this time that I gave up everything was remaining resolutely on the far side away from the noise of the excavations and sheltering from the very brisk wind.

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