Friday, 18 November 2011

Colour Ringed Rock Pipit.

Last week when I was up with the Eastern Black Redstart I photographed a rock pipit with a coloured ring on one leg and a metal ring on the other:

Rock Pipit AHP
I now have the details back from Norway:
Ring no : Stavanger 8E28148
Colour-ring: AHP ( Left tarsus : metal.  Right tarsus yellow ring engraved with three black letters ).
Age/sex: M2K+ (male, hatched  2010 or before).
Ringing date: 12.08.2011, 19 hrs.
Ringing place: Makkevika (Giske Ornithological Station) (62.30N-06.02E), Giske, Møre & Romsdal, NORWAY.
Ringer: Petter Birger Folkestad
Remarks:  Caught  in  walk-in trap. Wing 93 mm. Weight 24,8 g.

Finding date  : 13.11.2011 
Observed  and photographed (distinct photo) : Palm Bay (51.23N-01.25E) Margate, Kent, ENGLAND.
Distance  1266 km SSW.   Direction:  195 deg. Time : 0-3-1  (3 months , 1 day)

If you notice any errors in the information, please inform us about  your corrections.

This information will be sent to Ringing Centre, Stavanger Museum, Norway and Ringing Centre, London, UK.

The returns from metal rings are so low I wonder why anyone bothers with these anymore - colour rings seem to generate a lot more info.

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  1. I do not know if you are aware but Marc Heath had this same bird at Reculver a few weeks ago. I have read the ring report on his site and it seems that your bird is the same bird he got a photo of. Still a short hop from Reculver to Margate is nothing after flying from Norway.